[linux-audio-announce] Freecycle 0.5alpha is out!

Predrag Viceic viceic at net2000.ch
Thu Aug 25 08:17:43 EDT 2005

I forgot..

Freecycle can be downloaded at


the web site:



Le Mardi 23 Août 2005 10:55, Predrag Viceic a écrit :
> Freecycle 0.5alpha is out!
> Lot of new features in this release, among which a fully functional midi
> subsystem, allowing the assignement of midi notes to locked beatlines and
> realtime playing of midi note events. Freecycle now supports drag n'drop
> from/to or within Freecycle. Moreover, it allows the drag n'droped waves to
> be stacked and assigned to a scene.
> The other new addition to Freecycle is the SoundFont export, allowing easy
> integration of the work done with Freecycle with the sequencer software
> such as Muse or Rosegarden.
> Last, but not least, thanks to the sustained effort of Mat Rowlands
> (podulator), Freecycle has now an illustrated manual
> (http://savannah.nongnu.org/download/freecycle/freecycle-manual-1.0.0.tar.g
>z )describing all the features. This manual can be used standalone, or
> integrated with Qt help system directly from Freecycle.
> The compilation is a bit complicated, please read the README before
> attempting the build.
> New dependencies:
>   -portaudio
>   -portmidi
>   -libinstpatch
> Enjoy!
> Predrag Viceic
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