[linux-audio-announce] [LOCAL] Finland, Helsinki. Linux sound expert needed.

Markku Reunanen marq at iki.fi
Tue Mar 15 04:41:54 EST 2005

Dear Linux audio users,

I'm sending this message on behalf of Sophea Lerner (masa at siba.fi) of
Sibelius Academy. They're urgently looking for a Linux audio expert for a
project they're running this spring. Please contact Sophea directly for
more information since I'm not involved in the project. Here's the email I

hello :)

we really need a linux audio person to help out on our very special
hybrid radio broadcast...

ääniradio 2.0 is an experimental open content radio station running
alongside pixelACHE 2005 and providing a venue for particle / wave
workshop on hybrid radio practices.
the work environment is based in the aurala open studio project at
centre for music & technology in helsinki. the broadcast will include
lots of live multisite performances and participatory radio events.

this would be a very interesting temporary role for the right person,
starting immediately - now till late april... face to face working is
good - but we'll also consider someone working remotely at first and
then joining us for the main festival broadcast in helsinki 10-20 april
it will be a very intensive project - lots of people are working hard
for free and it's getting super busy so we are looking for
person/people with initiative and heaps of creative troubleshooting
skills to help with tasks including...

basic up keep tasks on debian and redhat machines
security and software updates etc
ensuring back up, logging and archiving systems are running
possible reinstalls on 1-2 machines
set up and troubleshooting of alsa and audio hardware configurations
installing and configuring various linux audio packages
working with alsa - osc / pd - php/mysql - vnc configurations - icecast
/ muse streaming environments - apache etc
liaising with code artists to integrate experimental broadcast software
onto our system on a mutual aid basis.
documenting tasks for others to continue later
helping to refine and maintain operations workflow
contributing to ongoing tech development plan for future broadcasts
mac os x experience also very useful

cool under pressure, systematic and thorough yet flexible, good
communication skills and sense of humour definite plusses
if you happen to know someone clueful who is made for this gig, please
put them in touch asap!



# Markku Reunanen # marq at iki.fi # 050-5393321 # TaiK/Mlab # TKK/TML #

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