[linux-audio-announce] New MMA feature: melody creation

Bob van der Poel bob at mellowood.ca
Sun Dec 3 17:40:36 EST 2006

This is for the brave ones who like to try new things!

I've been playing a bit getting MMA to auto-generate melodies. A few 
discussions with one enthusiastic user and some false starts later, I've 
come up with the idea of having a new track I've called an ARIA. Using 
pattern definitions, much like those used in other MMA tracks, you set a 
framework for MMA to generate a melody over a given set of chord changes.

Honestly, this will never put a real composer out of business ... but it 
is fun.

I've put up a skeleton version of mma-1.0-b up on


Please download and give it a try. The package really does assume you 
know how to install things on your own, no installer.

Shout if problems. And, do let me know what you think. Either via 
private email or on our discussion board:


Bob van der Poel ** Wynndel, British Columbia, CANADA **
EMAIL: bob at mellowood.ca
WWW:   http://www.mellowood.ca

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