[linux-audio-announce] Latest Linuxaudio.org developments

ico ico at vt.edu
Fri Mar 17 18:58:19 EST 2006

Greetings all,

Considering that the linuxaudio.org lists are currently not reaching a 
majority of the Linux audio community, I wanted to use this opportunity to 
inform you of the latest developments regarding the Linuxaudio.org. Also, for 
the same reason I've resorted to some cross-posting. My sincere apologies if 
this has caused any inconvenience.

What is Linuxaudio.org?
Linuxaudio.org is a non-profit consortium whose role is to support Linux as a 
viable digital audio workstation. Linuxaudio.org therefore aims to expose, 
proliferate, and disseminate artistic, as well as software and hardware 
development endeavors associated with the aforementioned platform. The 
two-year-old consortium boasts a growing membership consisting of 30+ member 
organizations, companies, software projects, and institutions. In its 
relatively brief existence, Linuxaudio.org has spearheaded a creation of the 
first online CD compilation of art generated using exclusively open source 
software in conjunction with Linux, and has sponsored Linux audio booths at 
several international conferences and expos.

For more info please visit http://www.linuxaudio.org

It is also my pleasure to use this opportunity to announce our latest members:
*Ubuntu Linux represented by Mark Shuttleworth
*Ubuntu Studio project (ubuntustudio.com) represented by Dana Olson
*Pure-Data represented by Miller Puckette
*Frinika software project (www.frinika.com) represented by Johan Salomonsen
*(CCM)2 studios at the College-Conservatory of Music, University of
Cincinnati represented by Dr. Mara Helmuth
*Virginia Tech Music Department, represented by Prof. John Husser

I would like to welcome our new members. For latest updates, users, members, 
as well as prospective members are encouraged to subscribe to the following 


We are now in an opportune moment as the Linuxaudio.org appears to be finally
ready for the plan which has been proposed almost a year ago, namely to
incorporate the consortium in order to begin fund-raising for the purpose of
strengthening the consortium's mission and outreach. In order to bring this
plan to fruition, I would first of all greatly appreciate a response from
all who were/are currently subscribed to, or wish to be involved in the 

A number of other ideas/projects are currently in
the works, including a potential move of the consortium's server to Virginia
Tech where we could enjoy better bandwidth and more disk space, both of
which would put us in a much better position regarding expansion and
offering enhanced content. If anyone is interested in getting involved with 
Web maintenance, please contact me at ico_at_linuxaudio.org.

Linuxaudio.org is currently in the process of finalizing a new logo. All who 
are involved (or wish to be involved) in Linuxaudio.org are welcome to 
contribute to this project.

Finally, please allow me to point out that Linuxaudio.org always welcomes new 
member projects, institutions, organizations, and individuals who actively 
contribute to the development of the Linux as a viable digital audio 
workstation, including artists and software projects. The membership is 
currently free, and even once we become incorporated and instantiate 
membership dues for the purpose of fund-raising, members will have an option 
to enroll as and/or retain their free membership. If interested, please do not 
hesitate to contact me. For additional info, please visit 


Ivica Ico Bukvic, Director

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