[linux-audio-announce] LASH 0.5.2 Released

Dave Robillard dave at codeson.net
Mon Oct 9 23:55:24 EDT 2006

LASH is the LASH Audio Session Handler, which allow you to save and
restore complex audio setups involving multiple interconnected JACK/Alsa
quickly as a unit.

This release fixes several bugs, upgrading is recommended.

* Support for building without ALSA (OSX?  Let me know..)
* Server auto-launching bug fixes
* Removed dependence on /etc/services (fixes sandbox violations)
* Added lash_args_free (plugs memory leak)
* Fixed event handling bug in synth client
* Probably a bunch of other stuff I've long since forgotten about
* Applied Debian patches

More information (and of course, the code) available at:


or, for the truly lazy:




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