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1. new 'pure:dyne for everyone' programme launched
2. upcoming pure:dyne public events
3. pure:dyne code sprints in 2008
4. a new, Debian based pure:dyne!
5. find out more

1. new 'pure:dyne for everyone' programme launched

Who is pure:dyne for? pure:dyne is for everyone! 

pure:dyne has been adopted by artists, schools, media arts centers and
their local communities as a common, complete GNU/Linux platform for
Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) art production and education.

pure:dyne is used by communities across Europe and the world for
recording and manipulating sound, making live visuals, creating
interactive media in installations, and more.

Through 'pure:dyne for everyone', pure:dyne will reach out to more
people - noobs, artists, local users - in a year-long programme of
system development, documentation, user support and special public
events with partnering media arts centers across the UK.

pure:dyne for everyone is a project by GOTO10 and friends. With partners
Access Space, MediaShed and Folly, 'pure:dyne for everyone' is supported
by the Creative Partnerships programme of Arts Council England.

2. upcoming pure:dyne public events

* Introduction to video editing, processing and streaming
  9-10 May 2008, LoveBytes
  Sheffield, with Access Space 
  Info: jake-at-access-space-dot-org, info-at-lovebytes-dot-org-dot-uk

* Free Software for music making and home studios
  20th June 2008, Open Source City
  Liverpool, with Folly
  Info: enquiries-at-folly-dot-co-dot-uk

* Pure Data for live music
  21nd June, Open Source City
  Liverpool, with Folly
  Info: enquiries-at-folly-dot-co-dot-uk

* pure:dyne presentation and FLOSS+Art book launch
  TBA, Fall 2008
  London, with Mute magazine

* pure:dyne workshop
  TBA, Fall 2008
  London/Southend-on-sea, with MediaShed and Mongrel

* + More events to be announced! :)

3. pure:dyne code sprints in 2008

28 April - 2 May 2008, secret base inside a volcano 
23 - 27 June 2008, underwater mobile power plant
autumn 2008, TBA 

As part of 'pure:dyne for everyone', pure:dyne's core developer team
(plus friends) will stage three code sprints in 2008 to develop all
aspects of the system and documentation. Be a lurker and join our IRC
channel #pure:dyne on irc.goto10.org to check what's being cooked.

pure:dyne is currently developed by Rob Canning, Heather Corcoran,
Antonios Galanopoulos, Karsten Gebbert, Claude Heiland-Allen, 
Aymeric Mansoux, Chun Lee, and Marloes de Valk.

4. A new, Debian based pure:dyne!

Starting 2008, pure:dyne will be based on the Debian operating system.
While we aim to provide the same features as before and a live
distribution in the form of a live CD, live DVD and live USB, we will be
able to build up on top of the great Debian community and provide a
larger range of software and develop much more advanced functionalities.
At the same time we are quite happy to give back in return our efforts
to this community and make available the software we package for most
Debian based distros around.

5. find out more

Mailing list: 

#pure:dyne on irc.goto10.org



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