[LAA] ladosc (with full documentation)

Justin Smith noisesmith at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 14:04:46 EDT 2008

ladosc is a set of ladspa plugins for composing music with Linux. I
just checked in an initial version.

please use the following command to get a copy:
svn checkout https://noisesmith-linux-audio.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

I hope to make a tar file for download sometime soon as well.

This will get you working plugins for ubuntu gutsy 7.10, full source
code, and a COMPREHENSIVE documentation, including specifications, a
tutorial, and a second in-depth tutorial with 24 full-color step by
step screenshots.

Known issues: all the plugins have been tested on a variety of hosts.
Some of the operator plugins (*, -, /, %) have names that certain
plugin hosts do not handle gracefully. ladspa.h doesn't say I cannot
use names like that, but it doesn't say I CAN, either. Anyway, expect
a future version with optional compatible names for the more brittle
hosts. Only the "osc in" and "osc out" plugins are documented, at the
moment. They have pages and pages of documentation (you would be able
to do a cleanroom implementation of the plugins from the
specification), but I have not documented the matematical utility
operators. I figure for now, that most people will be able to figure
out what something called, ie. "multiply" with the symbol "*" in the
plugin name, does.

Please do try this, and let me know of any issues.

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