[LAA] wcnt-1.26.2 Released

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Mon Feb 4 19:22:25 EST 2008



(source code only)

Second release of wcnt-1.26 after the pre releases...

* rudimentary polyphony
    no, no polyphonic sequencer.... but several new modules
    (wcnt-1.26.1) to create polyphonic effects:

        trig_counter  - counts and (?restricts) outputs input trigger
        trig_echo     - echos input trigger n times
        trig_router   - sends trigger n to auto-created output modules
        group_control - only runs modules when appropriate -
                        but easy to make it in-appropriate.

* fader (module)
    created to make easy a fade in and fade out at the start and
    end of the file to be written. uses either the time_map or
    timer (out_bar_trig/out_trig and out_bar/out_count) outputs
    and start and end bar parameters and extends the end by
    fade_out_time milliseconds.

* sample_climb (module)
    like sample_hold, but uses the grabbed 'sample' as a target
    to climb to ( output += (target - output) * rate ).

* inspector (wcnt-1.26.1)
    arkward to use module for displaying messages and values of

wcnt now has over 80 modules...(81 to be precise)

    * wavfile_out (module) (wcnt-1.26.1)
      now has snapshot_mode parameter. adds date and time (down
      to the millisecond) to the filename being written. now you
      can edit a .wc file to your hearts content without overwriting
      the sounds generated.

    * square_wave (module) (wcnt-1.26.1)
      has rate parameter for adding curvature to the square_wave.
      works with same method as sample_climb.

    * user_wave (module) (wcnt-1.26.1)
      vertices which (via modulation) collide with previous vertices
      will be dropped from the waveform - as opposed to causing
      nasty peaks.

    * removed restrictions of combiner, spreader, and switcher to
      only allow usage of wcnt_signals. these modules can now use
      any module which provides the out_output output.

    * removed restriction of mixer module to only allow use of
      mix_chan modules. the mixer can now use any module which
      provides out_left and out_right outputs.

    * removed restriction of trig_switcher module to only allow
      use of wcnt_trigger module. trig_switcher can now use any
      module which provides the out_trig output (ie most of the
      trigger modules).

    * (wcnt-1.26.1) many things which should not make any difference
      to the user, except maybe a marginal speed increase in some

    * many more things, (synthmod changes for a start).

    * dynamic module was checking for existence of wrong vertex.


    * tested it as much i can by myself and without any strict
      regime. i will have missed something...

    * documentation is very much out of date now, sorry. the only
      thing I can offer right now is the occasional comment in the
      examples, and tests (directories of .wc files bundled with
      source code).

    * another version might pop-along next week perhaps.



(source code only)


james jwm-art net

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