[LAA] ladspa-lgv-plugins 0.1

Luis Garrido luisgarrido at users.sourceforge.net
Thu May 14 18:21:56 EDT 2009


First release of the pretentiously named "ladspa-lgv-plugins" includes
at the moment just one very simple but very convenient plugin:
monomix. No more plugins are scheduled in the near future, but never
say never, so I kept it open.

It is not rocket science, just a way of easily deal with recordings
that use full stereo separation. monomix combines the left and right
channels of an stereo audio input into a dual mono output. Its
interface offers four preset combinations (L+R, L-R, L-only, R-only)
and one customizable mode. This allows to eliminate, isolate or
enhance different channels on stereo recordings.

In a nutshell, I use it when I work on my jazz chops with Aebersold or
Snidero play-alongs. Just stick it at the output of your media player
of choice (I like Sonic Visualiser meself: waveform display, speed
control, looping, peak frequency analysis for transcription... with a
bit of tinkering SV could be tailored as an invaluable tool for
performing music students, perhaps I'll give it a go some day, so many
projects, so little free time...)

Tarball, spec definition and SVN repo at:




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