[LAA] TkEca 4.4.0 released!

Luis Pablo Gasparotto luispa8 at yahoo.com.ar
Fri May 15 11:14:53 EDT 2009

The new release of TkEca is available for downloading at:

*What is Tkeca?*

Tkeca is a TCL/TK frontend for Kai Vehmanen's ECASOUND
<http://www.eca.cx/ecasound/>. So you will need it in order to use Tkeca.

It's intended to have all the ECASOUND <http://www.eca.cx/ecasound/>
features including: unlimited number of tracks, volume and pan control
on each track, up to 8 effects for each track, LADSPA support,
multitrack support, multiple inputs/outputs/soundcards, effects preview,
multiple takes on each track, mute track and more.

Tkeca was tested only in a linux box.

*Main Features:*

- Mixer look.
- Unlimited tracks.
- Unlimited takes for track.
- Playback/Recording device selecting for each track.
- Multichannel soundcard support. Useful also in common stereo soundcards.
- LADSPA support.
- Up to 8 effects for track.
- Real time volume control.
- Real time master volume control.
- Real time pan control.
- Real time mute/unmute control.
- Real time Solo/Unsolo control.
- Real time Bypass/Connect effects.
- Real time effects parameters control.
- ecasoundrc edit window.
- Mixdown to wave file.
- Export to .ecs (Ecasound Chain Setup).
- Tools button: Ecanormalize, DC fix, Wave edit (using the Ecasound
default wave editor) and wavefile delete.
- Locate windows with up to 16 preset positions.
- Punch-in and punch-out user defined positions.
- Switch between MM:SS and SSSS time format.
- Project open/save.


- Tcl/tk.
- Ecasound.
- Soundcard with OSS/ALSA drivers.
- LADSPA (Optional).
- Jack (Optional).
- Ecawave (Optional).

*Changes from version 4.2.0:*
- LADSPA Loading Window.
- Main Window is visible during the LADSPA plug-ins loading.
- Message if Tkeca is unable to find ecasoundrc file.
- Processing Mixdown window.
- Master volume control.
- Filenames with spaces are allowed.
- Certain buttons get disabled during mixdown.
- Compressor utility is no longer available for mixdow, it was useless
and buggy.
- Bug: Certain buttons remain disabled after exporting .ecs.
- Bug: Track Properties windows always reset to default values.
- Bug: Always applying compressor due an "IF" error.

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