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Dac Chartrand dac at renoise.com
Tue May 26 20:58:47 EDT 2009

A direct link to the Linux demo, for the impatient:




Berlin, May 27th, 2009 - Hot on the heels of glowing praise for  
Renoise 2.0 by Computer Music magazine (issue #138, may 2009), the  
new Renoise 2.1 seemlessly integrates with other DAWs & Audio Tools  
by introducing ReWire support on OSX/Windows and Jack Transport on  

Along side VST/VSTi, Audio Unit and LADSPA plug-in support; with  
native Windows, Macintosh and Linux versions available; Renoise 2.1  
is one of the most versatile music sequencers on the scene, like a  
hex machine.

So affordable, why wouldn't you integrate it into your workflow?


A unique approach when compared with mainstream music sequencers,  
Renoise’s streamlined workflow delivers professional results. Renoise  
2.1 is a complete music production environment with support for FX  
and instrument plug-ins, automatic plug-in delay compensation, multi- 
core load balancing, MIDI i/o, audio recording, flexible audio  
output, parameter automation, and much more.

Renoise is a mod tracker. If you’ve never used a tracker before,  
don’t be put off by the machine-code-like appearance of the main  
editing screen. Ultimately, it’s just a display of simple note and  
effects information that is easily understood and, for the proficient  
user, makes the creation of music far quicker than is possible in  
traditional sequencers.

Why spend hours cobbling beats together with a mouse when you can do  
it in seconds with a few keystrokes? Whether you’re an audio veteran  
or just starting out, Renoise is the perfect complement for anyone  
looking for something new.


With over a month of beta testing behind it, Renoise 2.1 is now ready  
to go.

+ Full ReWire Slave & Master support (on Windows & OSX)

ReWire allows you to connect and synchronize multiple software  
applications, so that you can run them side by side while passing  
Audio/MIDI information between them.

For example, you could connect Renoise to Logic, program your drums  
in Renoise, while arranging the bulk of your song in Logic. Or you  
could connect both Reason and Ableton Live to Renoise, arrange your  
track in Renoise, control Reason's built-in synthesizers, and play  
around with loops in Live. All it takes is some ReWire enabled  
software and you are good to go.

ReWire has two modes, both of which are fully supported by Renoise:  
*ReWire Master* (ReWire Mixer) and *ReWire Slave* (ReWire Synth)

+ Jack Transport Support (Linux only)

Similar to ReWire, Renoise now supports the Jack transport protocol.  
Jack transport allows Linux users to start, stop and reposition  
multiple audio  programs, all connected/running through Jack.

+ New Pattern Sequencer Features:

- Decoupled Sequencer Playback Now Possible:

This new feature allows the user to detach the current playback  
position from the edit position. This lets you edit a pattern while  
other patterns  are playing.

- Live Pattern Triggering:

Patterns can now be "scheduled" for playback via a new column in the  
Pattern Sequencer. Without stopping playback you can now trigger new  
sequences in the song "in real time".

+ New meta devices (Modulation / Automation Device fun):

- *Hydra Device: Automate/change/broadcast multiple FX parameters  
with a single parameter. Think of this as a magic slider, which  
connects itself to up to 9 other parameters - allowing you to change  
multiple settings with just one slider or automation.

- *Keytracking Device: Modulates parameters depending on an  
instruments key (note) value. Like what the "*Velocity Device" does  
with Velocities, the Keytracking device does with Keys/Notes.

- *MIDI Control Device This device replaces the old "MIDI-CC Device",  
finally offering Pitchbend, Channel Pressure, Program Change &  
regular controller (CC) in a single device.

More info at: http://www.renoise.com/

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