[LAA] Aqualung on Mac OS X

Tom Szilagyi tomszilagyi at gmail.com
Wed May 27 17:53:10 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Seablade has been working hard to create a native Mac OS X version of
Aqualung. The work builds upon the earlier sessions concerning
Aqualung's OS X support (also by Seablade, around the time Aqualung
0.9beta8 was current). It is my pleasure to announce that the port has
just reached the status where it should be interesting to the general

Please point your browsers to:

The port is currently considered experimental, with some feature
limitations, but should be fairly stable nevertheless. Feedback and
discussion is welcome on the Aqualung-friends mailing list, so I would
like to ask all Mac enthusiasts to show their love and send
high-quality bug reports (you need to be a subscriber to post to the list).

Finally I would like to publicly thank Seablade for creating this port.


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