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Fri Jan 1 05:46:53 EST 2010

01.jan.2010 :: axonlib v0.0.0 :: the pioneer axon

new year, new plugins, new framework, new plans, new ideas
a full refresh/reboot, and a call for response, testing, contributions, 


a single axon, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axon> with all its branches 
taken together, can innervate multiple parts of the brain and generate 
thousands of synaptic terminals.

axon guidance <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axon_guidance> (also called 
axon pathfinding) is a subfield of neural development concerning the 
process by which neurons send out axons to reach the correct targets. 
axons often follow very precise paths in the nervous system, and how 
they manage to find their way so accurately is being researched.

pioneer axon <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_axon> is an axon that 
lays down initial growing path for the axons of other neurons to follow.


current features:
- c++, free, opensource, ..
- cross platform (inux/win32)
- cross compile (gcc, mingw, cygwin?)
- small/tiny (around 100kb (uncompressed) for a plugin)
- standalone/vst
- with or without gui (x11/gdi, double buffered, low/medium-level gfx 
- hierarchy, window, container, widget, canvas, surface, bitmap, png, ..
- simplified vst:
  - create a plugin with just a few lines of code (usually just one cpp 
doProcessMidi/Parameter/Block/Sample/State/Transport/CreateEditor.. etc)
  - the dll/so stuff (you can forget all about it, handled internally)
  - host sync, transport state changes
  - voice manager (for polyphonic synth)
  - parameter/widget connection
  - editor (layered on top of base vst handling)
and a lot more smaller things i probably forgot..

work in progress / partially implemented / coming:
- simplified compilation (scripts, batch files, ide-setup)
- programs/banks
- dsp-graph / modular
- fill in the missing bits and pieces, tie up the loose ends
- tcc, embedded c-compiler (capable of compiling the linux kernel, use 
external dll's etc)
- fft, goertzel, transients, wavelets (daubechies, haar)
- cellular automata
- optimizations, simplifications

- alpha blending/transparency (especially x11)
- opengl?
- ladspa/dssi/lv2 (linux)
- neural networks
- more optimizations, simplifications

- playful audio exploration and experimentation
- thinking outside of the box
- being different for the sake of being different

- (alpha/beta-) testers
- ideas, thoughts, comments
- contributions
- especially for the platform specific stuff

not wanted:
- highbrow, academic, know-it-all, politically/religious correct, rules 
or dogmas

current plugins (src & .dll/.so):
- ana_sigview (signal viewer/oscilloscope)
- fx_blur (delay/blur)
- fx_cutter (beat synced cut/repeat slices)
- fx_dist (distortion)
- fx_dynamics (dynamics, compressor)
- fx_envelope (midi controlled audio envelope)
- fx_freeze (freeze/repeat audio slices)
- fx_grains (grain cloud/delay)
- fx_moddelay (modulated delay, flanger/phaser/chorus)
- fx_split (frequency band splitter)
- fx_svf (state variable filter)
- fx_tempodelay (host sync delay)
- fx_waveshaper (waveshape/distort)
- fx_wgtavg (weighted average/lp)
- midi_ccaudio (midi cc -> audo)
- midi_fibonacci (fibonacci note generator)
- midi_notelen (midi note length controller)
- midi_syncdelay (delay midi until next x beat/bar/..)
- midi_transpose (midi note transpose)
- syn_binaural (binaural beats generator)
- syn_perc (lofi/glitchy percussive synth)
- syn_plucked (plucked string)
- syn_poly (polyphonic synth)
ported plugins:
- autotalent <http://web.mit.edu/tbaran/www/autotalent.html> (pitch 
tracking/correcton, ala autotune)
- freeverb
liteon <http://neolit123.blogspot.com/>:
- liteon_lofi
- liteon_tilteq

new plugins added almost daily!

some of these might not be proper, finished plugins in the normal sense, 
at least not at the moment, but more like examples, tests, prototypes, 
or perhaps starting points for your own plugins, ... but they will grow 
and expand, getting new features and bugfixes as needed (or requested).. 
so feel free to give suggestions, thoughts, ideas..


more info:
- google code hosting <http://code.google.com/p/axonlib/>
- ccernn.audio <http://sites.google.com/site/ccernnaudio/>
- ccernn <http://cernthskei.wordpress.com/>

excuse my non-perfect english
if something looks/sounds weird or wrong, ask, don't just assume

and, yes, there are probably some mental conditions running amok here.
medication could help


- ccernn

also, some clarifications about the legal/license issues with a 
combination of (l)gpl and the vst sdk would be appreciated..
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