[LAA] New software: fishnpitch - a realtime JACK MIDI tuner

Robert Schwarz mail at rschwarz.net
Thu Jan 14 15:21:38 EST 2010

Hey all,

I want to announce the alpha release of some coding I just finished.
It's a small command line tool that creates JACK MIDI ports and allows
tuning to arbitrary scales (via .scl files) with any MIDI capable
synthesizers. Incoming note messages are translated via pitch bend and
distributed among several midi channels.

You can get the code via GIT on http://github.com/leethargo/fishnpitch

It seems to work very well for my purposes, but still lacks deeper
testing. This is also my first time working with JACK, so any feedback
is very welcome.


Robert Schwarz <mail at rschwarz.net>

Get my public key at http://rschwarz.net/key.asc

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