[LAA] AV Linux 3.0R1 Released!

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Fri Jan 15 21:47:58 EST 2010


On the heels of AV Linux 3.0, version 3.0R1 (R1=Revision 1) has been
released. I, better than anyone perhaps realize the inconvenience of a new
version so quickly, it is my hope that this is the best move in the long
run to provide a stable base that has a broader possible range of
installation and can be better maintained with updated packages over the
course of a longer "shelf life". This fixes many of the installation
issues created by 3.0 as well as streamlining and drastically reducing the
ISO size down to just over a Gigabyte. My sincere thanks to the AV Linux
users who were guinea pigs and helped to test and provide feedback on
3.0R1 before it's release. Due to the large volume of updates and
improvements a 3.0R1 final ISO has been created to replace the 3.0R1
"testing" ISO. Thanks as always to the Debian pkg-multimedia team for
their continuing stellar work. Here are the changes, sometimes we have to
take a step back to move ahead!

AV Linux 3.0R1 Changes:

- Removed all locales except CA, US and GB to conserve ISO space, AV Linux
and Remastersys are English only anyway. Users can still change the
keyboard layout for different countries in /etc/X11/xorg.conf
- Removed many peripheral apps any of which are a Synaptic click away to
install, AV Linux now focuses on a multimedia-centred mature core of
- Fixed and improved nVidia and Synaptics Touchpad detection issues by
rolling back to Xorg 7.3, this also simplifies changing keyboard layouts.
Updating to Xorg 7.4 can be done after installing by unpinning the Xorg
and related packages in Synaptic and updating if you feel the need to run
Xorg 7.4 (not really necessary in most cases).
- Fixed UUID issues with fstab by rolling back hal and consolekit, Hey
Debian...does hal REALLY need to be updated 7 times a day?! I think not.
- Fixed slow booting by rolling back to udev 141, AV Boots like lightning
now! Again, Debian...can't things that work in Linux just be left alone
for a while?!
- Fixed issues with Unetbootin, AV Linux runs from USB keys again.
Persistent storage is not an easy option with Debian, it doesn't use
casper-rw like Ubuntu.
- Fixed Openbox and obconf issues, obconf now runs and saves it's config
- Updated to LXDE 0.5.0, lxpanel now handles GTK themes much better and
there are many more right-click options throughout LXDE
- Added Rui Nuno Capela's rtirq script at boot time (works with -rt Kernel
- Updated FFADO to the 2.0 Stable release
- Updated Ardour to Debian GIT 2.8.4-3 source with LV2 support
- Updated Rosegarden to 10.02 Beta - report bugs to the Rosegarden
developers mailing list
- Updated Bristol to 0.40.7
- Updated Fluidsynth to 1.1.1 it now works with Qsynth 0.3.4
- Latest musE is available as an add-on here:
- Updated Openshot Video Editor to 1.0
- Updated LiVES to 1.1.8
- Updated DeVeDe to 3.15
- Updated Guitarix to 0.05.8
- Added JC GUI 0.7
- Added ipw2X00 wireless firmware
- Updated ivtv firmware for Hauppage TV cards
- Added mhwaveedit - nice light soundfile editor!
- Replaced Brasero with Gnomebaker...latest Brasero wouldn't burn Audio
- Tidy up menus, launchers and icons
- New Logo and Artwork
- many more subtle improvements




There are changes to the AV Linux Website as well, a new "Packages" page
clarifies where to get AV Linux Debs and Kernels, access it by clicking
the "Packages" button from the home page. PLEASE READ THE WEBSITE INFO

I plan to support AV Linux 3.0R1 with Rosegarden's stable Thorn release,
Ardour 3 as soon as source becomes available in Debian GIT and keep pace
with the major developments in Linux Multimedia. Please remember AV Linux
has and always will come pre-loaded with the necessary development
libraries to build most of the included apps from source so if you are
handy with a compiler you can enjoy new apps as soon as they are

Help is needed from experienced Linux users on the AV Linux forum, My
Linux knowledge is specific to Multimedia Distro and Kernel creation but
is very general in other areas, Help is needed for other important areas
like networking and other core Linux problems like hard drive issues etc
etc. Other than donations technical support assistance is the most needed
attribute at the present time. If you are a new user please join the AV
Linux forum here: http://geekconnection.org/remastersys/forums/index.php#7

The AV Linux 3.0 ISO was accessed in excess of 18000 times which resulted
in 3 donations, My heartfelt thanks to those who stepped up and
contributed however AV Linux takes about 20+ hours a week to maintain,
develop, test and improve. The current level of funding is not carrying
the project's expenses let alone providing any compensation for my work,
this unfortunately cannot continue much longer, like anyone I have to
prioritize my responsibilities and those 20+ hours are too precious to
give away for nothing. Thanks are appreciated...but donations are needed.
To clarify you are not paying for the software, it is free... however the
hosting, packaging, preparation and convenience services are not.

Enough Talk! Let's get to the good stuff.

Download from the AV Linux Website:

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