[LAA] Band from Vienna publishes world's first album produced exclusively with Free Software

XBloome press at xbloome.com
Sun Oct 31 21:40:21 UTC 2010


After their debut CD "...Done!" in 2006, and the limited edition release
"Remixed: Happy Rebel" in 2009, the band XBloome from Vienna is proud to
announce their third album.

"X marks the spot" covers multiple genres: Whether one prefers dancing
to whipping disco-beats, dream away to dark-spherical sounds or simply
chill while enjoying the smooth-jazzy side of XBloome - this
multifarious album is still revealing new details and facets after
repeated playing.

As maybe the first album ever, "X marks the spot" was produced
exclusively using Free Software (Open Source) and without a professional
studio or graphic designers. With this 'proof of concept' album, XBloome
have debunked several prejudices about feasability, professionality and
quality of free and self-made productions.

Art needs exchange to live. That's why XBloome have made a point of
sharing their experiences: On their website, they offer other artists
how-tos, tutorials and templates [1].
Consistently, their label of choice to release this album on was
"Edelbrand-Records", whose priority lies in the promotion of
musical-cultural exchange between artists.

Like all other XBloome albums, "X marks the spot" will not only be
available for sale on CD at their concerts, but as of November 1st 2010
will be obtainable as a free download on www.xbloome.com [2] - in full
length and high-quality, under a Creative-Commons license.
XBloome will bring the new album on tour, starting on November 12th,
playing at the "5 year Edelbrand-Records" event at the "Arena" in Vienna.

Additional information and background-details about the production are
available on their band website [3].

Press-contact / queries:
    press at xbloome.com
    +43 676 56 43 509
    +43 676 95 05 744

== References
 [1] http://www.xbloome.com/drupal/making_of
 [2] http://www.xbloome.com/drupal/album/x_marks_the_spot
 [3] http://www.xbloome.com/drupal/making_of/x_marks_the_spot

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