[LAA] Mixxx 1.10.0 Released

RJ Ryan rryan at MIT.EDU
Sun Dec 25 05:43:15 UTC 2011

After a smooth beta period, the Mixxx development team is pleased to
announce the release of Mixxx 1.10.0!

Mixxx is Free, open-source DJ software that gives you everything you need
to perform live mixes.

Mixxx 1.10.0 adds several major new features including completely rewritten
Vinyl Control support, sample decks, beat looping, microphone support,
vinyl scratch widgets and much more!

You can read more about this release on our blog:

Here's the full list of new features:

   - Rewritten and improved Vinyl Control Support
      - New and improved vinyl-style pitch bending.
      - Absolute, relative, and constant modes.
      - Rock-solid support for Serato CD/Vinyl and Traktor Vinyl at 33 or
      45 RPM.
      - Single-deck Vinyl Control
      - End-of-record Mode
      - Improved needle-skip detection.
      - Ability to use different vinyl types of each deck.
      - Improved audio quality while scratching.
      - Support for track selection in the lead-in area of the vinyl and
      needle-drop hotcues.
      - Track lead-in for scratching before the start of tracks.
      - Waveform smoothing to prevent wobbly-waveforms.
      - New built-in vinyl signal quality analyzer.
   - 4 Sample Decks
   - Beatloops, Loop Halve/Double Buttons
   - Quantized Loops, Hotcues, and Beatloops
   - Phase Synchronization
      - Sync button now syncs both the tempo and phase of tracks.
   - Beatgrid Adjust Feature
   - Microphone Support
   - Spinning Vinyl Widgets and Waveform Scratching
   - Library Improvements
      - Support for loading Traktor Libraries
      - New and improved Browse Mode
      - Recording Improvements
         - Library Integration
         - Automatic splitting of files to avoid large files.
         - CUE files of tracks played.
      - Much faster iTunes and Rhythmbox support
      - Import and export of crates and playlists into M3U/PLS files.
      - Many library usability improvements.
   - Brand new and updated skins.
   - Accessibility Improvements
      - Mixxx should work better with screen readers now.
   - Limited Internationalization Support
      - Beta translations for Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Italian,
      Russian, Finnish, Czech, Dutch, Polish, and Japanese.
      - Alpha translations for many other languages.
      - Better support for UTF-8 filenames.
   - Revamped and re-written user manual.
   - Mixing Engine Improvements
      - Major efficiency and latency improvements (up to 4x for some
      netbook users)
      - Improved sound quality with and without keylock.
      - Improved support for multiple soundcards (Synchronization problems
      should now only affect the headphone output if they occur)
   - Updated and Fixed MIDI Mappings
   - Over one hundred bugfixes!

Happy holidays,
RJ Ryan
Mixxx Lead Developer
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