[LAA] Qtractor 0.5.3 - The Delta Whisky natural cask strength!

Rui Nuno Capela rncbc at rncbc.org
Wed Dec 28 17:00:21 UTC 2011

TYOQA is officially over.

   Qtractor 0.5.3 (delta whisky) drops from angels share!

nuff said :)

Impromptu release highlights:

* Clip drag-and-move stepping with keyboard arrow-keys (FIX)
* Plugin parameter automation GUI feedback (FIX)
* LV2 plugin Qt4 GUI support (FIX)
* Clip/Split on current play-head location (FIX)




Project page:



- source tarball:

- source package (openSUSE 12.1):


- binary packages (openSUSE 12.1):



- once upon the time, eons ago: user manual:

Weblog (upstream support):



   Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms 
of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


- Fixed initial LV2 plugin UI widget/window titles.
- Attempt to get any brand new LV2 plugins Qt4 enabled UI's working on 
either slv2 and lilv build modes ;) (nailed by falkTX, thanks).
- Current clip is ultimately inferred from the one under the play-head 
position and current selected track; the last one clicked over and/or 
selected still has precedence (following request by Loiugi Verona).
- Drag-moving clips horizontally with the keyboard arrow-keys just got a 
step better with a fixed minimum of one pixel, depending still on the 
current snap-per-beat setting and horizontal zoom level (as suggested by 
Louigi Verona, thanks).
- Get maximum and minimum peak values back when drawing audio 
waveforms.- Automation play/feedback has been missed to show on those 
plugins that provide their own GUI, now on par with all the rest 
'homebrew' widgets (eg. generic plugin properties dialog).
- All plugin parameters automation and selection were left inaccessible 
until the generic native plugin dialog is eventually shown, now fixed 
(re. bug #3463916).

Enjoy && Happy New Year!
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
rncbc at rncbc.org

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