[LAA] Renoise 2.8 Released

Dac Chartrand dac at renoise.com
Fri Mar 16 14:01:26 UTC 2012


Eduard Müller
taktik at renoise.com

Berlin, 16, March 2010

## Renoise 2.8 Now Available

Renoise, a multi-platform DAW based on mod trackers, adds 64-bit
support for all platforms in its latest release, plus a vast amount of
workflow improvements and features to complement its already unique
approach to music composition.


For a complete rundown of the new features, have a look at the
Renoise 2.8 launch page: http://www.renoise.com/release-notes/280

Full 64-bit Support:
- 64-bit versions for all platforms: Windows, OSX and Linux
- Plug-in bridge allows 32-bit plug-ins to be used within 64-bit Renoise
- Full Rewire 64-bit support

Track Groups & Collapsing:
- Group tracks into logical units, collapse them for better overview
- Flexible routing of group tracks
- Collapsed tracks use minimal space, while still providing a quick overview
- Pattern effects in groups will affect all member tracks simultaneously
- Automatically collapse all tracks except the one you are focussing on
- Color code tracks with adjustable background colors

New and Improved DSP Effects and Meta Devices:
- New DSP Multitap delay for spaced out filtered echo madness
- New DSP Repeater for st-st-st-stuttery goodness
- New DSP Exciter to make your mixes sparkle
- New Meta Mixer allowing blending of modulation signals into one output
- Improved EQs with bigger graphs and all values can be automated
- Improved Send devices, which can now be individually panned
- New and improved crossover filters for the Multi Send device

Other Workflow Improvements:
- Sample Editor channels can be edited separately
- Significantly faster sample loading
- New and improved spectrum view with phase correlation meter in Phase Scope
- Side-by-side comparison of two tracks in the spectrum view
- New pattern effects: Tremolo, Auto Pan, Set Envelope Position
- Logical mnemonics for pattern effects from A to Z instead of cryptic numbers
- Hyper-threading support for new Intel i5 and i7 CPUs and others
- Various audio engine speed optimizations for all platforms
- New Favorites system for plug-ins and native DSP devices
- Expandable and detachable Envelope Editor
- Memorize last used bank/preset paths per plug-in
- Automatically name rendered songs/patterns

and much more...


The price of Renoise remains the same: 58 Euro for any or all 3 platforms.
Everyone who buys Renoise 2.8 will get free upgrades up until and including
version 3.8.


Renoise is a complete, expandable Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with a
refreshing twist. It lets you record, compose, edit, process and render
production-quality audio using a tracker-based approach. It features a wide
range of built-in audio processors, alongside support for all commonly used
virtual instrument and effect plug-in formats.

In a tracker, the music runs from top to bottom in an easily understood
grid known as a pattern. Several patterns arranged in a certain order make up
a song. Editing in a pattern grid lends itself very well to a fast and
immediate keyboard-based workflow. With Renoise you can produce loops, beats,
chords and melodies efficiently step-by-step.

Renoise is multi-platform; runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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