[LAA] FFADO 2.1.0 released

Jeremy Jongepier jeremy at autostatic.com
Tue Sep 18 18:38:49 UTC 2012

The FFADO project is pleased to announce the long-awaited version 2.1.0.
With improved stability, many bugfixes and a large number of newly supported
devices this version represents 2 years work by the small but dedicated
FFADO team.  All users of FFADO are encouraged to upgrade.

This source-only release can be downloaded from


FFADO is brought to you thanks to the work of Daniel Wagner, Pieter Palmers,
Philippe Carriere, Adrian Knoth, Arnold Krille, Jonathan Woithe and the many
people who have tested FFADO against their devices, provided patches and
given suggestions.

Changes and additions in FFADO 2.1:

  * Significantly improved support for the new "juju" firewire stack 
found in
    newer kernels

  * Support for JACK freewheeling mode and set-buffer-size operation

  * Lower CPU usage

  * udev rules included in FFADO to give user access to audio device files

  * More stable streaming

  * Fix crash when realtime system clock was set

  * Fix race conditions and invalid memory accesses on shutdown

  * Fixes for clean compilation on recent gcc versions (up to 4.7)

  * ffado-diag enhanced to aid debugging efforts

  * Many bugs fixed

New DICE-based devices supported in FFADO 2.1 (up to 96 kHz rate only):

  * Alesis (no mixer support):
      Multimix16 Firewire

  * FlexRadio Systems (no mixer support):

  * Focusrite:
      Saffire PRO 40 (44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 88.2 kHz only)
      Saffire PRO 24
      Saffire PRO 24 DSP (audio streaming and mixer only: no DSP)
      Saffire PRO 14 (no mixer or router control)
      Liquid Saffire 56 (experimental: 44.1/48 kHz only, no mixer/router)

  * Lexicon (generic mixer):

  * DnR (no mixer):
      Axum Firewire IO card 16x16

  * M-Audio (basic audio with generic mixer):
      ProFire 2626
      ProFire 610

  * Presonus:
      Firestudio Project (generic mixer)
      Firestudio Tube (generic mixer)
      Firestudio Mobile (no mixer)
      Studiolive_1642 (no mixer)
      Studiolive_2442 (no mixer)

  * TCAT (audio only):
      DiceII EVM (1)
      DiceII EVM (2)
      DiceII EVM (4)

  * TC Electronic:
      Konnekt 24D (no mixer support)
      Konnekt 8 (no mixer support)
      Studio Konnekt 48 (no mixer support)
      Konnekt Live (no mixer support)
      Desktop Konnekt 6 (no mixer support)
      ImpactTwin (generic mixer only)

  * Weiss Engineering Ltd. (no mixer support):
      ADC 2
      AFI 1
      TAG DAC1
      INT 202
      DAC 202

Other new devices supported by FFADO 2.1:

  * RME (no MIDI I/O support yet)
      Fireface 400
      Fireface 800

  * MOTU
      896 mk 3 (audio only, no mixer yet)
      Traveller mk 3 (experimental)
      Ultralite mk 3 (experimental)
      Ultralite hybrid (firewire only, experimental)

  * FCA-202, and possibly other Oxford FW-92x devices

  * Mackie Onyx i

  * M-Audio Ozonic (no mixer)

  * Phonic HelixBoard 24 Universal (no mixer)

  * Tascam IF-FW/DM (experimental, incomplete)

  * Yahama GO46

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