[LAA] Vamp plugin SDK v2.5 and Sonic Annotator v1.0 now available

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Fri May 10 09:29:21 UTC 2013

Version 2.5 of the Vamp plugin SDK, the audio analysis and feature
extraction plugin standard from the Centre for Digital Music at QMUL,
is now available. This is a bugfix release.


Vamp is a plugin API for audio analysis and feature extraction plugins
written in C or C++.  Its SDK features an easy-to-use set of C++
classes for plugin and host developers, a reference host
implementation, example plugins, and documentation.  It is supported
across Linux, OS/X, and Windows.

Version 1.0 of Sonic Annotator is also now available. This is a
utility program for batch feature extraction from audio files.  It
runs Vamp audio analysis plugins with specified parameters on audio
files, and writes the result features in a selection of formats.
Version 1.0 is a bugfix release, and also represents a decision to
finally number a release as 1.0 having had only 0.x releases to date.



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