[LAA] Fwd: Matching Pursuit Toolkit (MPTK) 0.7 released

Dan S danstowell+lxau at gmail.com
Wed May 15 10:35:23 UTC 2013

Dear all,

Matching Pursuit Toolkit (MPTK) is a fast and efficient library (with
Matlab and Python wrappers, and commandline tools) for the sparse
decomposition of multichannel audio signals. Version 0.7 is now
officially released:


Changes in 0.7:
* New pyMPTK wrapper, enables direct use of MPTK within Python
* Enabled GPD with the Dirac, Constant and Nyquist blocks
* Anywave block now working from command-line mpd and mpr
* Improved XML parsing of books (note: the API to use for writing new
plugins changes as a result of this; and MPTK books are now written
with an outer <mptkbook> tag surrounding book and dict)
* Slight Matlab API change: second “dict” arg now needed for
reconstruct(book, dict)



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