[LAA] vst-bridge 0.1

Alexandre Bique bique.alexandre at gmail.com
Wed May 15 22:35:45 UTC 2013


I'm proud to announce vst-bridge 0.1.

This is a bridge to run Windows VST plugins (both 32 and 64 bits) with
Linux VST hosts.

= How to use it? =

Let's suppose that you have installed vst-bridge in ~/local/ and
you have a windows VST installed in ~/.wine/drive_c/VST/Synth1/Synth1.dll

First you have to create a directory for your bridges:
 $ mkdir ~/.vst-bridges

Then you can create your first bridge:
 $ ~/local/bin/vst-bridge-maker ~/.wine/drive_c/VST/Synth1/Synth1.dll

Now edit ~/.bashrc and add $HOME/.vst-bridges/ to VST_PATH. Mine looks like:
export VST_PATH=/usr/lib/vst/:$HOME/.vst-bridges/

Then you can start your favorite DAW, ask him to scan plugins again and enjoy!

= Architecture =

A typical installation looks like:

vst-bridge.so is a Linux VST plugin which has space reserved for the windows
plugin path.

vst-bridge-maker creates a dedicated <plugin>.so for a single Windows VST
plugin by copying vst-bridge-plugin-tpl.so and updating the path to the
Windows VST and the path to the corresponding host (32 bits or 64 bits).

vst-bridge-host-(32|64).exe hosts a Windows VST and communicates with

<plugin>.so spawns a new wine process vst-bridge-host-(32|64).exe and
passes the path to the Windows VST plugin.

You can find the source code released under the MIT license at

You can also find binary tarball at

It has been reported to work with: Synth1, ReFx Nexus, u-he Diva,
ABL2, epicVerb, NastyDLAmkII.

I had issues with : Oatmeals, NI Reaktor.

Thanks for your attention. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Alexandre Bique

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