[LAA] [ANN] xjadeo 0.8.0

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Fri Aug 22 12:33:50 UTC 2014

Xjadeo is a video player that displays a video-clip in synchronized to
an external time source (MTC, LTC, JACK-transport).



Greetings Soundtrack Designers and fellow Multimedia Artists,

Xjadeo version 0.8.0 just came out and brings a lot of significant
changes. Most notably:

  * openGL display
  * video-frame indexing
  * built-in UI / context menu

With openGL, video-scaling is now performed in hardware and playback
synchronized to the screen's vertical refresh (if the hardware permits
that; most graphics cards do). This is the new default display and
supersedes prior platform-specific video outputs (XVideo, X11/imlib2,
SDL, quartz, which are still available via the --vo option and also used
a fallback).

Video files are now scanned and indexed on load which provides for
reliable seeking to video frames for a wide variety of codecs where
frame-accurate seeking was not possible with earlier versions of xjadeo.
This also acts as a guard to detect and refuse broken video files early on.

User interaction has been overhauled, most notably by adding a menu that
facilitates discovering key-bindings. This deprecates the external
control application qjadeo which previously came with xjadeo.

There have been over 200 changes since the last release, the complete
changelog is available at https://github.com/x42/xjadeo
Other highlights include:

  * separate On-Screen-Display for Sync-Source and Video Timecode
  * self-documenting OSC API
  * disable screensaver
  * 64 bit timeline
  * new website

Note that various command line options have changed. The seek-related
-K, -k parameters are no longer needed due to the change to indexing.
Letterbox is enabled by default, and it is now also possible to start
xjadeo without an initial file. In short, a lot of defaults have been
updated to make xjadeo more topical (despite that fact the the menu for
the X11 variant is plain old toolkit-less Xlib :)

Statically linked binaries are available for GNU/Linux, OSX and Windows
from http://xjadeo.sourceforge.net/download.html as is the source code
in terms of the GPLv2.

xjadeo is developed and has been tested for accuracy with ffmpeg-2.2.5
it may or may not work properly with different versions, but compiles
with any version of ffmpeg >= 1.0 to date.

Many thanks to Chris Goddard who provided valuable feedback and spent
several weeks on quality assurance and polishing user interaction. We're
far from done on the quest to 1.0, yet 0.8.0 marks a major milestone in
the life of xjadeo.


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