[LAA] Yoshimi V 1.2.3

Will Godfrey willgodfrey at musically.me.uk
Mon Aug 25 19:21:54 UTC 2014

Up on sourceforge now.

It's faster:
Has better compatibility with Zyn:
Has some usability enhancements:
Introduces 'naturalising', a small, configurable, per part random pitch shift:

Kudos to Mark and Paul for an interesting optimisation to Zyn in AddSynth.

At the last minute I heard of a bug in ALSA MIDI where trying to auto connect
resulted in Yoshi bailing out, so from this version onward until I can sort it
out the feature is disabled.

Will J Godfrey
Say you have a poem and I have a tune.
Exchange them and we can both have a poem, a tune, and a song.

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