[LAA] AVL Drumkits 1.0 - Changes and Updates

Glen MacArthur info at bandshed.net
Tue Dec 29 04:09:39 UTC 2015


Just wanted pass along an update the the AVL Drumkits which are now at 1.0.


-Red Zep Kits get an improved Kick drum.
-All Kits gain a large 3rd Crash Cymbal on Key 60 (sampled from a Paiste
2002 22" crash).
 This cymbal has a very distinctive dark tone and is a nice contrast to
the other crashes.
-All Kits gain a Maraca on Key 64 for percussion (sampled from actual
maracas not an egg shaker).
-All new hand percussion kit. This is for use with acoustic instruments
and includes Cajon,
 Woodblock, Claves, Tambourine, Maraca, Handclaps and Fingersnaps.
NOTE! This is not percussion in the Afro-Cuban sense at all..
-Midnam files are now included for use with Ardour/Mixbus and any other
DAWs which support loading of midnam files.
-Updates are reflected in a Keymap PDF File.

Format Changes:

-Removed Soundfont2 versions, I don't think all of the SFZ formatting was
being incorporated into the Soundfonts correctly and the SFZ's sound
discernibly better, also I have limited time!
-Removed sf2/sfz Debian packages, I'm not convinced installing any Sound
libraries system-wide is really that useful, they seem to be better suited
to user's home folders or other drives with full user permissions.

Find them here: http://bandshed.net/avldrumkits/index.html


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