[LAA] rkr lv2 Beta 0 released

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 20:40:50 UTC 2015

HI all!

Would you like 40 more effect plugins?

After many months of persistence I have ported the Rakarrack effects to lv2
format. With each effect, the individual effect presets have been ported as
well. I am very excited about this project and hope that this can keep the
Rakarrack project as one of the highlights of linux audio. Rakarrack is
currently in need of a proper maintainer. So if you are interested please
contact the developers! I made these ports such that all changes could be
ported back into the main codebase.

The porting took a lot of manual entry of matching parameter bounds and
indices etc.. So as you test and use these, please report any strange
behaviour you notice (such as changing the "gain" parameter actually
changed the decay time, etc.). I will be trying to test these but it will
take me quite some time to give them all a good shake down.Current status
is that they all can be loaded by Carla and Jalv, with some audio testing
on a few by me, and some testing by other parties. No known issues
currently exist.

I am currently working on porting the preset banks to Carla rack presets.
This will allow us to load any of the presets from Rakarrack and insert it
as a single plugin in Ardour or other hosts. I would like to get the
community started testing these in parallel with my effort. Once I have
that done I will announce a second beta.

Not all of the effects were ported, since some were duplicate code, direct
copies of ladspa plugins, or redundant of other lv2 plugins (like the
looper or colvolotron). The interface was kept close to Rakarrack, but some
parameter changes were made for the intent of clarity, such as wet/dry -
instead of the original -64 is all wet, 0 a 50/50 wet/dry mix, 63 dry, now
0 means all wet, 127 all dry. Parameter names were altered in places as
well (e.g. St. Df. now is labeled "Left/Right LFO delay"). Case by case
feedback on these decisions is also welcome.

For those unfamiliar with Rakarrack, here are all the effects, marked to
show which are in this new plugin bundle:

EFFECTS (X - done, W - won't do, + - done with missing features)
[X] Lineal EQ
[X] Compressor
[X] Distortion
[W] Overdrive - exact same engine as distortion, but has fewer controls,
presets were added to dist.
[X] Echo
[X] Chorus
[W] Phaser - I'm not planning to do this. I'm only interested in the analog
phaser version
[X] Analog Phaser
[W] Flanger - this is identical to the chorus, presets from this will be
included there
[X] Reverb
[X] Parametric EQ
[X] Cabinet Emulation
[X] AutoPan/Stereo Expander
[+] Harmonizer - midi mode was not ported
[X] Musical Delay
[W] Noise Gate - Direct copy of Steve Harris's Gate ladspa plugin
[X] WahWah
[X] AlienWah
[X] Derelict
[X] Valve
[X] Dual Flange
[X] Ring
[X] Exciter
[X] DistBand
[X] Arpie
[X] Expander
[X] Shuffle
[X] Synthfilter
[X] VaryBand
[W] Convolotron - other excellent lv2 convolution engines already exist
[W] Looper - other good lv2 loopers exist
[X] MuTroMojo
[X] Echoverse
[X] CoilCrafter
[X] ShelfBoost
[X] Vocoder
[X] Sustainer
[X] Sequence
[X] Shifter
[X] StompBox - an extra plugin for fuzz mode was added, as interface is
[X] Reverbtron
[X] Echotron
[+] StereoHarm - no midi mode
[X] CompBand
[X] Opticaltrem
[X] Vibe
[X] Infinity

Further help using them can be found at
http://rakarrack.sourceforge.net/effects.html . I hope you all find these
enjoyable, and make great music with them.

Please download and try them at:



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