[LAA] MIDA 0.4.0 Released

Mark Karpov markkarpov at opmbx.org
Wed Mar 4 18:30:26 UTC 2015

I'm happy to announce MIDA 0.4.0.


* fixed bug in batch mode;

* added tab completion based on contents of current input line,
  including completion of file names for some commands;

* detection and rejection of recursive definitions;

* improved interface;

* wholly refactored (and sometimes rewritten) code (it's finally
  sufficiently elegant);

* more intuitive logic of evaluation in some corner cases;

* optional displaying of simplified principles (for debug and
  educational purposes);

* ability to set tempo and program for preview;

* improved documentation.

GitHub repository:  https://github.com/mrkkrp/mida

Where to download:  https://github.com/mrkkrp/mida/releases/tag/0.4.0

Documentation:      https://mrkkrp.github.io/mida/


-- Mark Karpov

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