[LAA] [LAU] Guitarix 0.34.0 release

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Sun Nov 8 16:05:02 UTC 2015

Release 0.34.0 is out,

Guitarix is a tube amplifier simulation for
jack (Linux), with an additional mono and a stereo effect rack.
Guitarix includes a large list of plugins[*] and support LADSPA / LV2 
plugs as well.

The guitarix engine is designed for LIVE usage, and feature ultra fast, 
glitch and click free, preset switching and is full Midi (learn)
and remote (Web-interface/ GUI) controllable (bluez / avahi)


add BOSS OC-2 partial emulation LV2 plugin (by drgreenthumb)
add gx_hogsfoot.lv2 gx_mole.lv2 and gx_rangem.lv2
add gx_plugins AxeFace, BassFuzz, Buzz and the Mole
add Gx_Wah.lv2 plugin
add colorsound bass wah plugin emulation
add Roland Wah add Jen Bass Wah emulation
add bitdowner distortion plugin (by Viacheslav Lotsmanov)

add volume control to gcb95 plug
add file browser and file load support to dubber (livelooper) plugin
add play all button to the dubber (livelooper) plugin
add support to import LV2 plugin presets into guitarix
add 24-edo tuner option
add 53-edo tuner option

disable LILV_OPTION_DYN_MANIFEST to avoid crashes from naspro-bridges 

add online preset download widget (requires libwebkit-1.0)
thanks to lfz for creating https://musical-artifacts.com/

fix GxAmplifier-x GxAmplifierStereo-X and GxCabinet for the new ardour 
buffersize behave.

implement double click on plugin handle remove plugin from rack

fix guitarix build for the new libsigc++ library and the new GCC5 compiler.
guitarix use now the default build flag -std=c++11
(you can disable it, see ./waf --help for more optional flags)

Guitarix is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of 
the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.

Please refer to our project page for more information:

Download Site:

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