[LAA] Zynaddsubfx 2.5.2 - “The Space of Two Weeks” Released

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 20:07:04 UTC 2015

Zynaddsubfx 2.5.2 - “The Space of Two Weeks” Release

A mere three months after the last release, the Zynaddsubfx team proudly
announces Version 2.5.2, the “Space of Two Weeks” release. In addition to
stability improvements, it adds some exciting and useful new features:

* Add MIDI-Learn serialization - this allows for midi mappings to be saved
and loaded, a huge boon for midi control workflow.

* Add pink noise source - pink noise is usually considered the most
“musical” or natural of noise sources, like rain, waterfalls, or ocean

* Restore mousewheel functionality - a sorely missed feature, provides easy
and consistent course and fine tuning of parameters. Mouse drag has
matching behavior now as well.

* Restore bank LSB/MSB MIDI support - makes all presets in a bank
selectable by MIDI.

* Improve tip windows - if enabled, shows you helpful tips you never knew
on startup.

* Improve oscdoc output - this utility documents all the OSC messages that
can control zyn and lists and describes them at
http://fundamental-code.com/zyn-ports2/ These messages could be used by OSC
apps on remote machines, android or iOS devices to control zyn.

* Restore External Oscillator/Modulator functionality - now you can use
external sources for new audio waveforms, or modulation signals.

* Remove remaining globals - a feat in itself, this results in safer,
cleaner, better designed code, additional stability, and sets the stage for
using zyn as a plugin.

* Fix UI connection bugs - this improves the workflow and reliability for
those using zyn in headless systems, controlling it through the zyn user
interface on a remote machine.

* Added shortcuts on edit buttons - holding shift or control when opening
the edit window of several features now opens a different, commonly useful
window (i.e. shift+click of the ADsynth edit button brings up the voice
list window).

* Other miscellaneous bug fixes

For more detail on these improvements read the in-depth announcement on the
mailing list (

Thanks to all who contributed bug reports and feedback! We can always use
more! This release has commits from Mark McCurry, Christopher Oliver,
Filipe Coelho, Johannes Lorenz, and Hans Selasky, with translation from
Oliver Humbert. Naturally, we recommend all users and packagers update to
take advantage of these fixes and features.

Now go make some noise!

--Team Zyn.

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