[LAA] For you fuzz lovers

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Thu Dec 1 06:42:17 UTC 2016


I'd like to announce a release series from a couple of 
fuzz/distortion/overdrive pedal simulations as LV2 plugins.
All of them been emulated by the guitarix ampsim toolkit.

Here we go:


Simulation of the Vintage Fuzz Master Pedal designed by Devi Ever, 
freaks out the 60_s and 70_s


  *GxGuvnor.lv2 <https://github.com/brummer10/GxGuvnor.lv2>*

The Guv’nor is a classic footpedal known for high quality distortion 
tones, it have a special place in the hearts of distortion smitten 
guitarists over the world.



  *GxSuperFuzz.lv2 <https://github.com/brummer10/GxSuperFuzz.lv2>*

Yea, you all know the Super Fuzz pedal from Pete Townsend or Billy Cox, 
what more to say?



  *GxVoodoFuzz.lv2 <https://github.com/brummer10/GxVoodoFuzz.lv2>*

Simulation impressed by the Voodoo Lab (*) SuperFuzz pedal


  *GxHyperion.lv2 <https://github.com/brummer10/GxHyperion.lv2>*

Simulation of the Hyperion Fuzz Pedal as LV2 plugin.
The Hyperion is the dark booster designed  by Devi Ever.



Another well know classic fuzz pedal,


all of this plugs coming without GUI, as plain DSP based LV2 plugs. You 
didn't need more then build-essentials and the LV2 headers to build 
them. A simple make install will be enough to test them in the host of 
your choice.
All of them been tested to build and run flawless also on ARM based 
devices. All been licensed under the GPL-3.0.

If you love fuzz, you wont miss them in your stack.


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