[LAA] The Open Source Musician Ep. 82 - Tunestorm 16 Reveal and Throwing Down the Open Amp Sim Gauntlet

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 07:27:34 UTC 2016

The Nocember episode was just uploaded for your enjoyment. This month I
play the entry for Tunestorm 16 and demonstrate a few of the open source
guitar plugins available. Then the gauntlet is thrown down as I issue the
Open Amplifier Challenge (aka Tunestorm 17)!

For this next round of uncompetition you must use some of the open source
amp sim programs/plugins to try to demonstrate great open source tone. If
you don't play guitar and don't want to use guitar samples, I'll happily
accept synths run through guitarix or similar. But largely I'd like to hear
what great guitar tones can be made with pure open source software. The due
date will be Feb 13, which should give acceptable time after the holidays
and allow you to not miss your valentines date too.

Questions and comments welcome, as always.

p.s. some noticed the high freq. buzzing last episode, I've established it
is my audio interface. Hopefully you'll find this month's recording a bit
better. More work on my mic technique would help too (SNR).

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