[LAA] Yoshimi 1.5.0 is out there now.

Will Godfrey willgodfrey at musically.me.uk
Sat Dec 17 14:14:54 UTC 2016

V 1.5.0 - The Robin

Vector control now has its own dedicated button on the main window.

Any attempt to set an invalid bank root will be ignored. The same was already
true for banks themselves. Also, on first time startup, discovered roots will
be given ID numbers starting from 5 and in steps of 5.

If working from the command line, listing roots and banks will identify the
current ones with a '*'.

Channel switching has now matured to a 'Solo' feature accessed from the mixer

Another new feature is one that has been asked for several times - a crossfade
for overlapping note ranges in instrument kits.

Filter tracking could never quite reach 100% so if using it to get 'notes' from
noise it would go slightly out of tune. Well, now we have an extra check box
that changes its range so that instead of -100% to 98.4% it will track 0% to

Many of the controls now have active tooltips that show the current value when
you hover over them. Also, many have real-world terms. dB, Hz, mS etc.

Finally, we have very full featured MIDI learn capability. It can be reached
from the 'Yoshimi' drop-down menu, and tooltips will remind you of how it is

To build yoshimi fetch the tarball from either:

Our user list archive is at:

Will J Godfrey
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