[LAA] Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer v0.7.27 new with simple XML IO

Joël Krähemann jkraehemann at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 04:19:01 UTC 2016

Hi all

GSequencer is currently available as v0.7.27 bringing many
improvements. The use of the plugin API within GUI has been improved
and doing XML IO is really fast for now.


The website has been moved from github.org to GNU Savannah.


The developer documentation was updated and is now provided within the
source tarball.

DSSI and Lv2 support was probably the biggest achievement. You may for
now use it within notation editor. The thread has got a better
structure with ::clock signal and has eliminated a really stained bug
or bad implementation. The tree syncs now with parent frequency that
should cause better time consumption.

If you feel like asking questions, contributing work or sharing
artistic work especially related to GSequencer feel free to get in



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