[LAA] PiDeck 0.1 'Kool Herc' - New Raspberry Pi DVS released

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Mon Oct 17 09:25:36 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Today 64 Studio is announcing the first official release of the PiDeck
project; version 0.1 is named in honour of DJ Kool Herc. Demo video at:

PiDeck is an open source project retro-fitting the Raspberry Pi onto any
DJ turntable, eliminating the need for each DJ to carry their own
laptop. The xwax digital vinyl system is built into a custom micro SD
card image which you can extend with new and experimental features, or
just download and use today.

Music files are loaded from USB sticks so that DJs can hand over between
sets without any cable plugging or unplugging. The hardware parts cost
is around £150 sterling/166 euro/US $182 per turntable and there is no
soldering or modification to the turntable required.

See https://github.com/pideck/pideck-distro/releases to download the
software. We love pull requests :-)


Daniel James
64 Studio Ltd.

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