[LAA] AV Linux 2017.4.9 Released!

Glen MacArthur info at bandshed.net
Wed Apr 12 15:43:07 UTC 2017

AV Linux 2017.4.9 Released!

An updated 2017 ISO for AV Linux has been released, it features a new
Audio Routing system,
many refinements and improvements and probably the most stable and
functional collection of
Applications across the board to date! The older AV Linux 2016.8.30
ISO's are currently still 
in the FTPs and will be phased out soon, make sure to download the
2017.4.9 release.



- Aligned with Debian 9 'Stretch' instead of generic 'Testing'.
- Cleaned up some cruft that was hanging around.
- Completely new PulseAudio/JACK2 Audio Routing (thanks Hermann
  Guide here for existing users:
- JACK2 now ensures compatibility with BitWig packaging.
- Added GCC6 compiler (now you can choose to compile with GCC 4.9,5
and 6)
- Added gtkdialog for various tools (had been removed from Debian).
- Moved to native Debian Wine Versions for various compatibility
- Added GRUB Customizer to assist with setting up Multiboot systems.
- Made MPV the default CD and DVD Player.
- Added Spotify Client.
- Quick Update Tool for Browsers and Flash without blanket updating
during production.
- Ardour 5.8 + libcairo fix for U-he Plugins (Thanks Paul Davis, Robin
- Ardour 5.8 WinVST build for 32bit AV Linux only (Thanks Robin
- Mixbus 4.0.151 (Thanks Ben Loftis, Robin Gareus)
- Added WineASIO (compatible with Debian Wine Stable and Wine
- Added AVL Drumkits LV2 (Thanks Robin Gareus)
- Added Guitarix LV2 Plugins (Thanks Hermann Meyer)
- Added LSP Plugins (Thanks Vladimir Sadovnikov)
- Update to Cinelerra 5.1 with MANY fixes and new features (Thanks
GoodGuy and Phyllis)
- General System updates + thanks as always to falkTX for the KXStudio

Notes and known issues:

- First time AVL Users PLEASE read the User Manual in the Accessories
Menu or found here:
- Please favour the linuxaudio.org and Bytemark mirrors, Bandshed has
limited bandwidth!
- The ArdourVST Build on AV Linux 32bit will take a bit of time to run
first launch.
- The KX Studio repositories generate APT warnings that are harmless,
these have been reported.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.bandshed.net/avlinux/
Donations of any size are welcomed!!

Best Regards, Enjoy!
Glen MacArthur - AV Linux Maintainer

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