[LAA] [LAU] [LAD] New Release of GxPlugins.lv2 (v0.3)

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Mon Apr 17 03:22:12 UTC 2017


A new release of GxPlugins.lv2 is out.

GxPlugins.lv2 is a set of mostly analogue guitar pedal simulations as 
LV2 plugins, simulated with the guitarix ampsim toolkit.
They contain the following plugs:

GxBottleRocket.lv2      - -> tube based preamp pedal
GxHotBox.lv2            - -> tube based preamp pedal
GxVBassPreAmp.lv2       - -> transistor based Bass preamp
GxSuppaToneBender.lv2   - -> transistor based Fuzz pedal
GxHyperion.lv2          - -> transistor based Bass Fuzz pedal
GxVoodoFuzz.lv2         - -> transistor based Fuzz pedal
GxSaturator.lv2         - -> saturation plugin
GxVintageFuzzMaster.lv2 - -> transistor based Fuzz pedal
GxSuperFuzz.lv2         - -> transistor based Fuzz pedal
GxVmk2.lv2              - -> transistor based preamp
GxUVox720k.lv2          - -> transistor based solid stage preamp
GxSlowGear.lv2          - -> volume swell plugin
GxGuvnor.lv2            - -> transistor based overdrive pedal
GxToneMachine.lv2       - -> transistor based Fuzz pedal
GxSD1.lv2               - -> Op-amp based overdrive pedal
GxQuack.lv2             - -> envelope controlled wah pedal

I hope they may be useful for the one or the other.
Build instruction and screenshots may be found here:


the release zip file is located here:



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