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Sat Jan 6 21:59:59 UTC 2018

MusE 3.0.0 released January 6, 2018

Hello all,

Can you hear it? No? Well, let me tell you, it’s that time again, more than
three years has passed (unfortunately) since the last MusE release. Finally
it’s time for a new one. And high time it is, the last stable release seems
to not even start on many modern systems…

A selection of sorts, changes since the last stable release  2.2.1  are as
follows (sorry it’s long):

* Switched to Qt5
* New Plugin Path editor in Global Settings:
* System-wide move to double precision of all audio paths
* LV2 fix for very slow right-click synth 'presets' ex. amsynth
* LV2 support PowerOf2BlockLength
* LV2 support FixedBlockLength
* Mixer makeover with lots of fixes
* Arranger Track Info panel complete makeover
* New: Persistent routes jack audio and midi routes.
* Multi-channel Audio Track routing
* Improved automation editing, no multi-point editing yet though
* Audio automation graphs undo support
* New wave drawing mode in arranger with a tiny outline of the wave file
* Added Native VST FX support (synths were already supported)
* Added support to resize notes and parts to the left with pencil tool
* Added live update of wave parts while recording
* Added Native VST shell plugins support
* Added recording restart function (CTRL+Space and SHIFT+space keeping the
* Auto resample imported wave files to project's sample rate
* Graphical Routing dialog redone and enhanced
* Routing popup menus for midi now allow Jack Midi routing
* Device List added to midi configuration, with 'Delete' button.
* Added multichannel support for SimpleDrums (+routing ability)
* Added lots of instrument definition files
* CPU and Audio DSP usage metering
* Midi transformer support for for randomizing events
* Added sample-rate change according to song file when using RtAudio
* Midi device processing implementation greatly improved
* External midi clock sync reworked
* Large System Exclusive (sysex) message support for ALSA
* Added support for RtAudio audio backend - primarily Pulse is supported
* Synths can now be selected as a midi input route.
* Much improved monitoring functionality
* ALSA support is now optional, can run in pure jack mode.
* Timer improvements, ALSA timer now first choice.
* Fluidsynth MESS synth plugin now propagates drum names using libinstpatch
to drum editor
* Midi file export: Added missing Aftertouch, PolyAftertouch support
* Several host improvements to better support various plugin variants for
LV2 and VST
* More LV2 extensions supported
* Lots of GUI Widget changes, several widgets switchable between knob and
* Various improvements to midi engine
* Greatly reduced CPU usage while playing and automation graph(s) showing.
* Some track arranger properties, like track channel can now be manipulated
with multiple tracks
* Mixer strip order now rearrangeable
* Persistent routes for Jack
* Multi-channel Audio Track routing.
* Routing popup menus redone.
* Song file version handling improved
* Midi config dialog reworked
* "Normalize wave part" menu item for wave track parts
* Many new keyboard shortcuts, for instance mute and solo and operate mixer
* Bug #526 fixed: Crash on cut with scissors while master open
* Added instrument files for:
** Classic Cantabile SP-250
** Medeli SP4200
** Korg Krome (Bank Map KORG)
** Korg Krome (Bank Map GM2)
** Roland-MT32
** Lexicon-MX200
** Yamaha-Rex50
** Yamaha-Motif XS
And lots and lots of internal changes

For the complete list of changes see:

News section:


Demos page:

Forum is dead - use mailing list:

Some known issues that aren't dealt with yet:
* Add measure does not take automation into account, use Structure add
* Unmuting a track during playback sometimes causes wierd sound offset
issues, cured by stop/start
* Note on the first tick in a loop is not played
* Ctrl+C sometimes does not work for copying a part in the arranger, menu
alternative works
* Automation edit db cue is wrong when editing

Keep on Rocking!
The MusE Team
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