[LAA] AV Linux 2018.6.25 ISO Update with UEFI Fixes Released!

Glen MacArthur info at bandshed.net
Mon Jun 25 06:27:36 CEST 2018

Hi everyone,

AV Linux 2018.6.25 (aka "50 years of GMaq!") has been released, I have
entered a new decade today and want to celebrate with an improved AVL

The April AV Linux 2018.4.12 release had a lot of improvements and
updates with regards to the Audio and Video applications but some
improvements needed to be made for systems with UEFI booting and
systems with recent AMD Video display adapters not covered by SGFXI. I
personally have no UEFI (or AMD) computers to test with and only could
use VirtualBox for UEFI testing and thanks to bug reports from a few
users and several fixes provided by our forum member 'korakios' I
think many of the issues for actual hardware UEFI machines have now
been addressed. If you have already successfully installed and updated
AV Linux 2018.4.12 then you will not really need to be concerned with
the updated June ISOs.


-New 4.16 kernel with full RT Preempt and improved support for newer
AMD Video cards.
-threadirqs was accidentally removed from the grub boot options, now
-UEFI boots that failed due to missing FAT32 ascii modules should now
be fixed.
-Unetbootin boot failures due to missing FAT32 ascii modules should
now be fixed.
-Virtualbox Guest Additions will now be automatically removed on
Non-Virtualbox installs.
-Cinelerra 5.1 (aka Cin) has a new functionality to support LV2 Audio
Plugins (initial release, may require restart on first run).
-LSP Plugins are updated to 1.1.2
-Cleaned up wrong menu entry of ZynAddSubFX JACK multi
-Updated relevant info in the AV Linux User Manual.

A huge thanks to korakios for the work on UEFI improvements and trulan
for the updated 4.16 kernels, thanks also to those who provided bug
reports and tested ISOs, your time is very much appreciated!

The linuxaudio.org mirror is up and running, Bytemark will come online
sometime in the next few days.

Get it here:
 http://www.bandshed.net/avlinux/ [1]

[1] http://www.bandshed.net/avlinux/

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