[LAA] [LAD] [LAU] Guitarix 0.38.0 released

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Sun Apr 7 07:47:29 CEST 2019

Guitarix release 0.38.0

Guitarix is a tube amplifier simulation for
jack (Linux), with an additional mono and a stereo effect rack.
Guitarix includes a large list of LV2 and LADSPA plugins, and support
LADSPA / LV2 plugs as well in it's racks.

The guitarix engine is designed for LIVE usage, and feature ultra fast,
glitch and click free preset switching and is full Midi and remote
controllable (the Web UI is not included in the distributed tar ball).

 From the changelog:

   * fix bug #67, don't use malloc.h on FreeBSD
   * remove assert for ports count, to allow save removing of changed
LV2 plugins
   * add new option -E --hideonquit, this makes the UI experience smooth
when used as LV2 plugin
   * add support for LV2_URID_Map, LV2_URID_Unmap and LV2_OPTIONS to
allow more plugs to load
   * fix compiler warnings with gcc 8
   * add exit handler and warning when samplerate is above 96kHz
   * hide splash on error message
   * set online help to sourcforge/discussion
   * fix build against boost-1.69
   * add Russian-language translation by Valeriy Shtobbe and Olesya
Gerasimenko, many thanks!
   * update all build scripts to use faust version 2.15.11 and update
all generated faust files

Still the LV2 plugins coming with guitarix using a Gtkmm based UI, I'll
work on it to port them to X11 based UI's.

Refer to our project page for more information:

Download Site:



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