[LAA] ADLplug v1.0.1 - FM chip synthesizer

Jean Pierre Cimalando jp-dev at inbox.ru
Mon Apr 15 12:48:16 CEST 2019

Dear list,
Hello to all.

I am glad to announce today the release of ADLplug 1.0.1, a retro FM
chip synthesizer. This is the successor of the very first release
1.0.0, introducing just a modest change list over the previous version.

You will find here the release and its list of improvements:

To introduce, the software naming "ADL" comes from the Adlib, a family
of synthesizer soundcards associated with numerous video gaming
memories. The software is based on the MIDI player software ADLMIDI by
Joel "Bisqwit" Yliluoma; it was vastly improved by Vitaly "Wohlstand"
Novichkov and myself into becoming a full-featured real-time MIDI

This package offers actually two distinct synthesizers, one for the OPL
and another for the OPN family of FM chips.

Have fun!

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