[LAA] [ANN] jack-select 1.3.0 released

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Thu Apr 18 16:13:06 CEST 2019

GriaƟ enk!

a new version 1.3.0 of *jack-select* has just been released!

What is it?

*jack-select* is a systray app to set the JACK configuration from
QjackCtl presets via DBus. It displays an icon in the system tray of
your desktop, which shows the status of the JACK audio server and when
you click on it, a menu pops up, which lets you quickly select from the
JACK configuration presets you created with QjackCtl. This allows you to
switch between different audio setups with just two mouse clicks.

*jack-select* works with the DBus-version of JACK only. It is written in
Python 3 using the ``PyGObject`` bindings for GTK 3. Python 2 is not

What's new?

Yesterday's 1.2.0 release unfortunately has some issues handling
some variants of the presence or non-presence of the '(default)'
preset in QjackCtl's configuration. This release attempts to fix
those and introduces a few new options, hence the increase of the
minor version.

* Added command line option -i, --ignore-default to ignore the
  '(default)' preset if any other presets are stored in the QjackCtl
* Fixed handling different variants of the presence / non-presence of
  the '(default)' preset when reading the QjackCtl configuration.
* Added command line option --version to show the program version.
* Updated the UNIX manual page.

Where to get it?


or via pip (but see the "Requirements" section in the README first):

    pip install jack-select

or, for Arch Linux users, from the AUR:


How to use it?

Please see the README file here:


*Share & Enjoy*

Christopher Arndt

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