[LAA] Release: Agordejo (NSM GUI) Version 0.3.1

Laborejo Software Suite info at laborejo.org
Sat Jan 15 20:24:57 CET 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen,

hereby the Laborejo Software Suite releases maintenance updates for its programs in
the hope to be useful in your musical toolbox.
You can now download Agordejo in version 0.3.1.


All software is released under GPLv3.

Agordejo (Esperanto: 'place to set things up') is a music production session manager. 
It is used to start your programs, remember their (JACK) interconnections and make 
your life easier in general. It does not re-invent the wheel but instead uses the 
New-Session-Manager daemon and enhances it with some tricks of its own, that always
remain 100% compatible with the original sessions.

Changelog Highlights:
* Option in Control menu to split the session view between horizontally and vertically
* The GUI session list now dynamically expands to the needed width.
* Fix regression and workarounds for crashes introduced by a recent PyQt update.

You can find all releases as sources here. 

Also check your distribution for packages in a few days after this announcement, please.

For more information, a multi-language user manual, build instructions
and git access please visit


P.S.  New Session Manager also had a new release today:

Laborejo Software Suite

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