[LAA] ZynAddSubFX 3.0.6

Mark McCurry mark.d.mccurry at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 04:40:17 CET 2022

Hello Everyone,

Well, it's been a while since there's been a formal release, but
things certainly haven't been quiet behind the scenes in zyn
development. Plenty of new features and bug fixes abound. I'll let the
change log speak for itself though:

        - Enhances watchpoint system for waveform views (GSOC michiboo)
        - Add anti-alias mode to add synth oscillator interpolation
        - Add 14 bit NRPN support for automations
        - Add Tanh, Cubic, and square distortions with additional shaping
        - Add filter parameter smoothing
        - Add filter optional LPF to LFO
        - Add repeatable envelopes
        - Add LFO fade in
        - Add moog ladder filter
        - Add comb filter
        - Add BPM sync
        - Add latched key mode
        - Re-enable classic MIDI learn
        - Increase envelope time parameter resolution
        - Fix excessively loud volume bug in Part XML loader
        - Fix crash with gcc 10.x.x within file manager
        - Fix crash in erroneous patch load
        - Fix OSS/etc detection under cygwin
        - Fix padsynth memory leak
        - Fix weird note-to-note portamento switches
        - Reduce fftw resolution from 64bit to 32bit
        - Remove Cxxtest dependency
        - Fix other bugs

In terms of commit activity, these are the contributor stats between
3.0.5 and 3.0.6:

    107 Johannes Lorenz
    105 Friedolino
     96 fundamental
     87 Hans Petter Selasky
     44 michiboo
     21 Philippe Gervais
     20 Ricard Wanderlof
     16 Carlo Bramini
     14 kinichiro
     11 Jonathan Moore Liles
      6 Julien Olivain
      5 Strongheart
      5 AnClark
      3 justnope
      3 Zynmuse
      3 Backfighter
      2 nori li
      2 Simon van der Veldt
      2 Pierre Martin
      2 Michael Muller
      2 James McKernon
      2 Fabio Pesari
      1 thenorili
      1 piegames
      1 nick87720z
      2 luz.paz
      1 Plagiat Gang Of Bros
      1 John Neil Hutchinson
      1 Jacob
      1 Graham Breed
      1 Daniel Sheeler

Now go make some noise!
--Team Zyn.

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