[LAA] Tap192 : MIDI and OSC-controlable sampler - call for bug reports

ORL - AMMD orl at ammd.net
Thu Jan 27 14:54:23 CET 2022


We just spent some time digging out a fast and light sampler formerly 
called tapeutape initially developped by Hitmuri (Florent Berthaut).
We've added some functionnalities, mostly OSC control and NSM 
compatibility things, and refreshed the UI a (very) little bit. We now 
call it tap192.

It now works for us, there are still a lot of bugs in it, most of them 
ignored by us, cause they don't occur in our use cases.

So, we'd need to have people testing it and reporting bugs, so that we 
might fix them, and have this small MIDI- and OSC-controlable sampler 
working for everyone.

You can find the sources here:


- The manual is at "work-in-progress" state, except the OSC control API, 
it doesn't contain much. So you'll have to find by yourself how this 
sampler works, but by the way, it's pretty simple, and we kept it as it 
were at first. If needed, we can give you some help using it on 
orl at ammd.net or on irc.libera.chat #ammd-dev (ask jean-emmanuel or orl).
- We use github issue tracker: https://github.com/PlagiatBros/tap192/issues

Thanks a lot.
Jean-Emmanuel and ORL

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