[linux-audio-dev] Viable multi-channel audio I/O boards for Linux ?

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Nov 1 07:46:01 UTC 2002

>I am working in an Operations Center where we want to record 16-20 separate
>analog audio voice nets/channels along with a few ethernet-based
>display-data(not video) streams and play them all back individually,
>selectively or all together for training purposes. 
>The audio nets are better than phone-quality, but not hi-fidelity and 22Khz
>sampling should be sufficient. There are many turnkey voice-loggers and
>pc-based "studio" applications but I need the audio recordings
>closely-coupled with my own recordings of display-net data. I won't be doing
>a lot of audio processing and would consider a higher rate system with
>signal processing on board if it just works multi-channels well under Linux.
>I suppose a multi-channel digital audio I/O board would be just fine as long
>as I can get 16-20 analog channels converted up front. I am proposing
>developing this application under Linux but need suggestions on the most
>viable multi-channel audio in/out boards for use under Linux.

the obvious suggestion is the RME Hammerfall, which handles up to 24
channels of ADAT audio in and out. its well supported under Linux (i
wrote the driver). there are no boards/packages with analog i/o that i
know of that support more than 10 channels of analog i/o (the midiman
delta does 10), so you're better off buying external converters. the
problem you face here is that most multichannel converters (such as
the tango24, 8 in/8 out) are aimed at the audio market and are
overkill for what you're planning to do. you'd be paying about $700
per 8 channels. fostex makes a slightly cheap 8 channel converter, i


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