[linux-audio-dev] Viable multi-channel audio I/O boards for Linux ?

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Fri Nov 1 13:44:00 UTC 2002

And the DigiFace/MultiFace are very nice products. It was my understanding
from one of RME's vendors that at least under ASIO both the DigiFace and
MultiFace support multiple breakout boxes with a single PCI or cardbus
adapter card. I was keeping this in the back of my mind for the day when I
can dump Pro Tools completely. Does this work under Linux or has anyone

These RME products use an RME proprietary interface that looks and smells
like 1394, uses 1394 cables, but isn't 1394, so you can't hang a 1394 audio
drive on it like I use on my systems. (I do not know if there is any danger
in making a mistake when you plug the wrong device into their cable...)

All of this seems pretty high end for what I thought the requestor was
originally looking for at 22KHz, but I know of no answer for that market
specifically. I think the AI-3 or one of the other devices similar to that
(8 I/O delivered over ADAT) tied to a Hammerfall is a probably a good
solution cost wise and would be well supported by Linux. Additionally it
would require no .asoundrc files and no word clock stuff, so it's pretty
straight forward. He can probably cut a deal on 3 AI-3's and get them for
$300-$350 each somewhere. With a $500 Hammerfall he'd be in for $1500 for 24
channels, or about $65/channel. Seems pretty reasonable for this

I wonder if there's a business to be made in developing hardware for apps
like this? I'm looking for a good business idea like that.

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>OTOH, doesn't the Hammerfall DSP have a multi-channel analog interface
>as one of its options?

you can get the interface card plus either:

    multiface I/O: 8 analog in+out, plus 8 (or is it 16) digital in+out
    digiface + external converters: up to 26 in+out

RME make external converters, as do several other companies. There
doesn't seem to much market interest in more than 8 channels per box,
though creamware and i think rme/steinberg now do sell such things. i
talked with frontier designs, who make the tango24, about doing this,
and they weren't interested.

the final related hardware, of course, are the new MOTU units, which
pack loads and loads of analog I/O into a 2U device, and then ship the
digital results in a format that nobody else can use :(


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