[linux-audio-dev] anyone interested in porting a GPL'ed VST plugin?

Benno Senoner sbenno at gardena.net
Tue Nov 5 10:01:00 UTC 2002

Paul Davis wrote:
> it shouldn't be *too* difficult ... 

Someone suggested LADSPA but I do not see an easy way to do it since  LADSPA
 does not support MIDI and this seems a VST2 instrument.
Time to intruduce an instrument API or extend LADSPA ? 
Of course one can write a standalone JACK client (currently probably the best
thing to do), but this means reinventing the wheel all over again.
Let see what comes out of LinuxSampler, the discussions and ideas proposed on
the list are quite interesting perhaps it would not be a bad idea to add VST
instrument support so that opensource plugins like that one could be easily
ported without needing and extensive rewrite (at least for the DSP part, the
GUI stuff is a separate issue).

Does anyone remember if it is possibile to use the VST headers (unmodified)
 on Linux or is Steinberg against ? 
I remember that some time ago Paul Davis wrote about these issues on the 
mailing lists but I do not remember what the outcome was.
Thoughts ?

Building a professional grade software sampler for Linux. 
Please help us designing and developing it.

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