[linux-audio-dev] GUIless friendly applications

Mario Lang mlang at delysid.org
Tue Nov 5 18:28:00 UTC 2002

Benno Senoner <sbenno at gardena.net> writes:

> We at the LinuxSampler project,
> http://linuxsampler.sourceforge.net   will go the GUIless route too
> and as Juan L. suggested it is probably wise to use a TCP socket because it
> allows remote controllability which can sometimes be very helpful.
This is more or less the way Kai choose for Ecasound, and I suddenly
was able to create my own "gui" for alot of useful aspects of ecasound.
I think simple command-line based pipes/tcp sockets with a nicely parseable
syntax are just the way to go.

> Anyway as our project advances, I hope that some good soul will implement
> a CLI interface for the sampler too so that it becomes more accessibile for
> people with disabilities.

Please dont start this too late.  It is vitally important to implement
a cli interface at the very beginning, and actually use it for some things like
scripted test cases or whatever.  This ensures that you dont forget
anything very important which you embedd in the GUI and which turns out
to be not controllable from the outside later on.

> I agree with your stance about merging GUI and engine code: it is a mess and
> often introduces many maintenance and performance problems.
And make the application less flexible.


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