[linux-audio-dev] GUIless friendly applications

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed Nov 6 14:25:01 UTC 2002

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 01:49:22 -0500, Bill Allen wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Mario Lang wrote:
> > 
> > The *.ams files looks textual to me, anyone experienced enough
> > with AMS able to comment on if it is remotely thinkable
> > to turn it into a alternatively-controllable-app?  Like
> > a simple socket interface to change controls?
> > 
> I've used AMS quite a lot - I like the sounds and controls. However, my 
> review of the code revealed that the gui and synthesis engine were fairly 
> tightly entertwined. The *.ams files refer specifically to the gui 
> elements that are present in the patch. It does this because when you save 
> a patch, you are not only saving the patches circuit, but also the look 
> and feel of the patch, i.e. the positions on the screen at which the 
> various elements have been placed. This is nice since one can load a patch 
> the next day/week/whatever and have a visual reminder of the patch and its 
> connections. 

But that is not true of the LADSPA based modules (obviously) and they are
intended to be the bulk of the synthesis longterm.

- Steve

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